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Melodie's Place LLC, has Extended Congregate Care available. The resident which meets the Extended Congregate Care (ECC), while ageing in place based on a complete review of the physical and functional status, the ability of the staff to care for the client, and the agreement be  tween the facility, family members, resident, physician, and any other pertinent individuals involved in the care and services required. There will be a written service plan consistent with the facility policy developed and carried out to ensure the residentís need will be met.

The Extended Congregate Care may provide services such as social service needs, counseling, emotional support, networking, assistance with securing social and leisure services, shopping service, escort service, companionship, family support, information and referral, assistance in developing and implementing self- directed activities, and volunteer services. Family and friends will be encouraged to provide supportive services for the residents. Melodie's Place, LLC will provide training for the family and friends to enable them to provide supportive services in accordance with the residentís service plan.   

The following additional services will be made available if required by the residentís service plan:

1) Total help with bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting;

2) Nursing assessments conducted more frequently than monthly;

3) Measurement and recording of basic vital functions and weight;

4) Dietary management including provision of special diets, monitoring nutrition, and observing the residentís food and fluid intake and output;

5) Assistance with self-administered medications, or the administration of the medications and treatments ordered by the healthcare provider. Consent form signed if unlicensed staff providing the medication assistance;

6) Supervision of residents with cognitive impairment and dementia; Health education and implementation of health promoting programs and                               


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